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Brain Injury: Treatment Strategies for the SLP $20.00
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Brain Injury: Treatment Strategies for the SLP

While an individual with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may present some unique challenges during evaluation and treatment, the most important point is to ensure that you see your patient as a whole person, not as the TBI diagnosis. Your patient is not the “right hemi in room 301,” or the “guy on Polk Street with aphasia.” You must remember this for all your patients, but because a patient with a significant TBI is often compromised in terms of memory, communication, judgement, and reasoning, what most people think of as the building blocks of personality, of who you are. This can be an especially challenging diagnosis for the patient, the family, and ultimately, the therapist who works to bring wholeness back to this traumatically injured person (Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center [MSKTC], 2016). This course will review the four most typical co-morbidities that speech-language pathologists are asked to address, when working with patients with TBI. You will explore the most common deficits and develop ideas for corresponding goals and interventions.
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Brain Injury: Treatment Strategies for the SLP
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