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One-to-One Activities $20.00
Skilled Nursing Departmental Specialty

One-to-One Activities

In a long-term care facility, the residents often participate in various activities. Activities provide an opportunity for residents to stay active, reduce boredom, feel an increased sense of wellbeing, fight depression, maintain skill levels, and interact with other residents. Some residents are unable or unwilling to interact with the other residents in the facility. This lack of interaction may be due to medical conditions, medical treatment, or it may simply be a matter of choice. For these residents, activities must be provided by the facility on a one-to-one basis. Residents who cannot or will not interact with other individuals may feel isolated, lonely, and trapped within themselves and their immediate environment. You should always encourage residents to participate in group activities. The benefits of group activities include socialization and stimulation as well as providing a sense of being part of a community. One-to-one activities provide an opportunity for residents who feel isolated, lonely, or trapped to outwardly express their inner selves and tell others who they truly are. One-to-one activities enable you to make a unique and individual connection with the resident. This corresponds to the following tags F242, F243, F245, & F248.
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One-to-One Activities
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